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Brown Egg Share Option Now Available for CSA Members! Help with Member Referrals

Posted 1/23/2014 4:51pm by Jill Rendleman.

CSA members can now sign up for Brown Egg Shares!  Our Rhode Island Reds are free range and eat Certified Organic layer feed and are laying beautiful light brown eggs with deep orange yolks and a wonderful taste and texture.  Memberships are limited as this is a very cold winter which causes them to lay less and this is the trial run for Egg Shares.  Only CSA members can hold a Brown Egg Share.   Sign up on line by going to your account and adding the membership.....or just give me a call and i take your order over the phone.  Let me know if you have problems signing up on line as i just set that up.  

Also in your box is a CSA flyer......almost everyone of our members is a referall by another member.  If you have a chance, please post the flyer where your collegues, friends, and family can see it...but more importantly, tell people about our CSA as you see it, and encourage them to check us out.  There have been a few not so good CSA experiences in the area, and i think we are having a hard time overcoming the perception that CSA's are poor quality, late or inconsistent in delivery, or not enough product.   

This Spring/Summer should be a great experience for CSA members with the addition of more strawberries, new asparagus, rhubarb, brown eggs as well as products from other sustainable grower friends in the area with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, winter squash, noodles, and more.    

Remember the deadline for early sign up discount is March 1!  tks jill

Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Highway 51 N

Cobden, Illinois 62920




CSA DAY .......Thursday NOV 7 4:30pmNovember 7th, 2019

Look for butternut squash, fresh ginger from River to River Farm, some very nice mixed asian greens, and more......look for a butternut squash soup recipe that includes coconut milk and ginger!  

CA Pickup Today! October 31st, 2019

see you there!  look for lettuce tomatoes eggplant sweet peppers radish and more!  your farmer, Jill   Jill Rendleman All Seasons Farm 9535 US Hwy 51 N Cobden, Illinois  6292

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Oct 24th! October 24th, 2019

Members will enjoy lettuce and fall kale as well as potatoes, garlic, and new potatoes.  Kale and potatoes go particularly well together.....along with garlic and salt!  A new item this week

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