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CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday April 23rd & thanks for bringing boxes!

Posted 4/21/2015 9:26pm by Jill Rendleman.

Kale is in this week, also look for end of winter spinach, and some other cabbage or other green thing!  Boxes are really convenient for most of us, but thanks those of you who can unload your box at pickup into reusable shopping bags.  And thanks for bringing back those wax boxes!!!  

Co-op  4pm to 6pm (i may have to leave a little early this week, if so your box will be in the cooler.)

Town Square 4pm to 7pm Thursday

Farm Pickup after 2pm Thursday

Home Delivery  Thursday  


Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

Cobden, Illinois  62920





CSA Pickup Reminder TODAY THURSDAY May 17 and FRIDAY May 18May 17th, 2018

Strawberries are in!  so sorry for the late notice, we had some heat and then rain issues and other things happening on the farm last two days.  Look for fresh kale, strawberries, dill, awes

CSA Pickup Reminder TODAY THURSDAY May 10 and FRIDAY May 11May 10th, 2018

Chard is in, rainbow chard is beautiful braised on its on with olive oil, garlic, a little butter.  Or....look for chard and lentil soup recipes....its the way I love chard best.  Also

CSA Pickup Reminder THURSDAY May 3 and FRIDAY May 4May 2nd, 2018

Another member share pickup tomorrow.  Thanks for bringing your boxes.  They are quite expensive and we can use them several times.  Look for more tatsoi and lettuces in your boxes this

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