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CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday DEC 3 BRING BOXES THANK YOU!

Posted 12/2/2015 9:52am by Jill Rendleman.

Wonderful Thanksgiving day with lots of gray rain and mist, great for late winter greens and lettuces.  Time to build up that winter immune system with lots of greens and hearty soups.  This week look for kale, lettuce, asian greens, cilantro and one other green.  I fixed a kale salad with roasted pecans, toasted sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, lemon, and some tart apples!  yummy.   Add the asian greens to stir fry or soups.....great kale and potato soup recipes out there on www.allseasons-farm.com under recipes.  Sun is out and it continues to be a great long fall into a gentile winter......at least for now.    

Hope you enjoyed the pecans from our farmer friends, fresh and hand shelled.......as well as the local honey from Scott Martin, Heartland Honey.......also the District Conservationist for USDA!

Co-op  4pm to 6pm

Town Square 4pm to 7pm

Home Delivery beginning at NOON

Farm Pickup  anytime after 2pm  


Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

Cobden, Illinois  62920





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