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CSA Pickup Reminder THURSDAY June 7 and FRIDAY June 8

Posted 6/6/2018 3:13pm by Jill Rendleman.

Members can expect great things this week.  More farm potatoes, chard (except kale for the chard haters), and best of all, a large dose of fresh basil.  So what do you do with a lot of basil?  easy and delicious....make pesto.   Pesto is a meal in and of itself when tossed with noodles or atop bread.  It is so very easy to make.  Here's one from Alice Waters collection, if you dont know who she is, find out!  One of the more interesting women of our time.  

Pesto...makes about 3/4 cup

1/3 cup basil leaves

6 tb olive oil

2 tb parmesan cheese grated

3 tb pinenuts (or pumpkin seeds, or walnuts)

1 clove garlic

Put basil in the blender with olive oil, and garlic.  blend.  add cheese and salt.  blend.  

I make this in huge batches and put in jars with lids in fridge.  Stays good for a few months.  Add more or less basil or olive oil to your taste.....more oil means thinner pesto, less means more stout.  Pinenuts are super expensive so I usually use pumpkin seeds.   If you are going to store in fridge for a while, I would leave out the parmesan and add it in before you decide to eat it.  

Today we are seeing a few cherry tomatoes changing colors, but not enough for the whole csa pick, but hopefully next week we will see the first tomatoes.  The zucchini is flowering as are the cucumbers.  The peppers will be a while but they are looking nice.  Green beans are still young but hopefully the rain and sun is good for them.  It was a very short strawberry season, the rain and heat were not good for them.   Blueberries I can see them, doesn't look like a huge crop, but a little rain and we should see some nice berries.   This is the first year that I have had a space in time with no lettuces.  There was a weather related planting gap that is leaving 2-3 weeks lettuce naked .....as I do feel that way.  We do have more growing.....I know everyone is anxious for the summer veggies and we appreciate your patience with the most challenging of years!   





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