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CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Oct 26 Cdale and Friday Oct 27th Marion

Posted 10/24/2017 11:51am by Jill Rendleman.

Members will enjoy some end of season delights as well as some fall goodies.  Yellow zucchini, basil, green onions, spinach, carrots, lettuce....it will be nice!  Use your imagination....the yellow zucchini is mild and very pretty.....one of our favorites.  

The weather has us a bit scared, its going into the 30's over the weekend so today we are getting out the row covers to protect our outdoor veggies from the frost.  Off course its windy today and not so much fun as the plots are muddy too.  Whoa is me!  It is beautiful weather to be out in tho, much nicer than 98 degrees and humid!  We are doing what we can, but just a note that you may see a bit of frost damage in the next few weeks.  Generally we have row covers up by now, but the weather was so hot we had to use shade cloth! so hot to cold all in about 10 days.  

We covered up the blueberry plants and planted garlic as well, so the rain and cool was good for those!

Bon  A Petite!   please take a minutes to look at some of the recipes on our website at www.allseasons-farm.com.    your farmer, Jill


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All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

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CSA Spring/Summer 2018 SignUpMarch 21st, 2018

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CSA Pickup for Thursday Feb 15th Marion and Friday Feb 16th MarionFebruary 15th, 2018

Members can look for a great box to end our season this year.......we have late winter scarlet kale, lettuce, garlic, pink potatoes (my favorite), cilantro, and a wonderful value added.....gourmet pop

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