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Posted 12/21/2015 9:54am by Jill Rendleman.

TUESDAY not Thursday is CSA Pickup for members this week.  Look forward to a large bag of fresh spinach for your holiday as well as crunchy green lettuce.   There will be an herb of some sort as well!   Will try for some pecans as well if our friends the Gerler farms can shell some fresh for us.  

Field work this week includes more garlic planting and preparing outside beds for early spring planting.  We pull up old plants and layer on organic compost the favorite food of microbes and add in a few natural mineral nutrients per soil tests.  So much nicer in cool gray days than 98 degrees and humid!!!  If the weather holds we will establish new beds for heirloom apples and pears as well as finish up the new "peace circle".....a pollinator herb plot in front of the farm house.  

Wishing you the best this wonderful mild winter season!

Co op 4pm to 6pm Tuesday

Town Square 4pm to 7pm Tuesday

Farm Pickup after 2pm Tuesday

Home Delivery beginning Noon on Tuesday


Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

Cobden, Illinois  62920





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