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CSA Pickup TODAY Thursday Cdale and Friday Marion & Thanks for Returning Boxes!

Posted 12/7/2017 10:14am by Jill Rendleman.

Members will enjoy more fresh brussell sprouts on the vine as well as collard greens, potatoes, white turnips and more......all very nutritious and wonderful as the weather turns chilly.  The greens and root crops have loved the cooler weather and now have the sweetest taste of the year.  Don't forget that the greens on the white turnips are to die for if you are going to braise the turnips in olive oil a little salt.......add the greens and a little garlic right before you pull them out....so nice especially if you can get a little crunch on them.   For the sprouts......clip them off and let them soak in a little room temperature water for 5 or ten min, then set them on a towel to dry well.   then you can bag and use later, or put them right in the over or frying pan.  If frying.....remember to get out as much water as possible so you don't get popped with hot oil.  The collards many have said they are using them as wraps for sandwiches or to do a roll and then bake.  Rolls have definitely gotten more interesting to me since I got away from the standard cabbage roll.....large spinach leaves, turnip greens, and other large leaves and have fun with what you put inside.....anything from beans and/or rice/ or quinoa.....combined with any veggie....a good way to use up whats a few days old in the fridge.  My favorite winter dish is to make some veggie or chicken bouillon and just start adding everything in the veggie bins......combine with corn bread.  Eat it for days!!!

We had some excitement on the farm this week and still recovering....a big lightening strike Monday night blew up two break boxes, a bunch of circuits, our seed house heater board, our internet cables and modems, etc, a tv and sat dish, several outlets all over the barns,,,,,,,and, melted a propane line.....so Tuesday I went out to find a muddy bubbling up from the ground of propane......yicks!!!!   the gas and elect coop people came out right away and got things safe......also our farm electrician dropped everything the come over and get things going again......thank goodness no one was out at the barns that night!!!  

We look forward to more normalcy next week!  Enjoy.........let me know if there is anything we can add to the CSA menu over the next few weeks......micro greens and mixed greens are soon to be available as well as some new beets.  Last of the summer crops....the sweet peppers......were in your last box.  Still some butternut and acorn squash left......look for more local pecans and a young hen right before Christmas!!!  


Jill Rendleman

All Seasons Farm

9535 US Hwy 51 N

Cobden, Illinois  62920





CSA DAY .......Thursday NOV 7 4:30pmNovember 7th, 2019

Look for butternut squash, fresh ginger from River to River Farm, some very nice mixed asian greens, and more......look for a butternut squash soup recipe that includes coconut milk and ginger!  

CA Pickup Today! October 31st, 2019

see you there!  look for lettuce tomatoes eggplant sweet peppers radish and more!  your farmer, Jill   Jill Rendleman All Seasons Farm 9535 US Hwy 51 N Cobden, Illinois  6292

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Oct 24th! October 24th, 2019

Members will enjoy lettuce and fall kale as well as potatoes, garlic, and new potatoes.  Kale and potatoes go particularly well together.....along with garlic and salt!  A new item this week

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