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What's in my CSA Box? Next Delivery Friday Dec 27th

Posted 12/21/2013 7:10am by Jill Rendleman.

Good morning winter members!

The big snow has melted and now the big rain has begun!  Nice not to be slipping around all over trodden frozen paths and cleaning veggies with rock hard frozen red hands!  On farm pickup members, thanks for your patience with the road to the tall barn. 

This week you have, as promised, a lovely Cornish Hen in your box.  Most likely the only week of the winter or the year in which you will receive protein in this form.  These birds were raised on pasture and certified organic feed and processed by us personally on this farm, not an industrial packing house.   These are 8 to 10 lb birds and are best suited for stews, soups, or dumplings.  Generally follow the same directions as thawing and cooking a small turkey.   If you want to roast them, be sure to brine in 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup sugar/honey in one gallon water, for about 10 hours then rinse, prior to roasting to 160 degrees between breast and thigh.  If not roasting, they should be simmered, not boiled, for 4-5 hours or put into a slow cooker for 6-8 hours on med heat. I usually add a little "Better than Bouillion Chicken" for flavoring and salt, or just add about two tsps salt.   The resulting broth is heavenly and a wonderful base for soups, stews, dumplings etc.  If cooled, you will see very little fat, and you will also notice that it will "gel."  Farm raised chickens have great gelling properties due to the health of their bones and joints.....which in turn is passed onto eaters as a great boost to our bones and joints!   A great soup both ends up by taking a dish cloth and placing in a strainer, and pouring the chicken broth through both prior to using as a clear soup base.  This removes all those little pieces of things floating around in the new broth and makes a pretty clear base.  Right before serving, taste for salt, add to taste.  Then add chopped cabbage, carrots, celery, and onion....cook about 10 min on low and serve.  I like soup best when veggies are just cooked through and still have a little give to them.....versus cooking the veggies all day to mush.  Dumplings are good this time of year, they are best made about 3-4 hours before serving, to allow time for dumplings to soak up flavors of the broth.  For the dumplings here is my grandmother Rendleman's recipe...3 cups flour, 6 Tb melted butter, 1 egg, 11-14 Tb cold water and 1/4 tsp salt.  Mix by cutting through with two table knives.  Divide into three balls.  Put lots of flour on a counter top and roll out to paper thin....very important is thin......and pull off pieces about 2x2 inches and drop into high simmering chicken broth....about a gallow of broth.  After all are added and cooked through, turn off the burner and add back in chicken meat pieces, and let sit together to let flavors mix.  Reheat very slowly prior to serving!  Call for more info on dumpling making.  Wishing you and your friends and family all the best for the Holidays

Next Delivery Date is Friday December 27th!  Then we are back on for all Thursday Deliveries.  

CSA DAY .......Thursday NOV 7 4:30pmNovember 7th, 2019

Look for butternut squash, fresh ginger from River to River Farm, some very nice mixed asian greens, and more......look for a butternut squash soup recipe that includes coconut milk and ginger!  

CA Pickup Today! October 31st, 2019

see you there!  look for lettuce tomatoes eggplant sweet peppers radish and more!  your farmer, Jill   Jill Rendleman All Seasons Farm 9535 US Hwy 51 N Cobden, Illinois  6292

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday Oct 24th! October 24th, 2019

Members will enjoy lettuce and fall kale as well as potatoes, garlic, and new potatoes.  Kale and potatoes go particularly well together.....along with garlic and salt!  A new item this week

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