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What's' in my CSA share? Something else to try......

Posted 5/26/2017 6:28am by Jill Rendleman.

Beautiful days and great sleeping nights we are having here in Southern Illinois.  The crops are loving it and so am i.  

Strawberries seem to be popular, so their back in the box.  East them fast as they were picked early Thursday morning during a heavy due.  They were nice and cool, but strawberries don't like being wet and then packed together.  They are best left out of the fridge and then lightly rinse just before you eat them....which should be today as they don't keep long.  

Mushroom shares got Lions Mane mushrooms this week.....they have a slight seafood taste and are wonderful alone, in butter, garlic, salt.  What a treat!

Psychedelic (Chioggia) beets are ready to eat and don't forget to toss those greens in a little olive oil and salt if you are going to roast, throw them into a smoothie, or raw into a salad mix.  

Green garlic is one of the first seasonal items to pop up in farmer's markets and is prized by chefs. The immature garlic bulbs and edible green stalks have an amazing nutty-oniony flavor that is great fresh or cooked. Substitute green garlic in recipes for onions, scallions or leeks. The young, tender cloves don't need to be peeled before chopping. Slice and use in potato salad or mince and stir into salad dressings. Toss some in a stir-fry, on a pizza, or in soups. The light garlicky flavor enhances dishes without overpowering. 

The scarlet kale is beautiful this spring and has held its sweetness in these cool nights.  Look for a "massaged" kale salad recipe....many of them add strawberries and maybe a few nuts and a tart apple.  Don't forget to check out the recipes at www.allseasons-farm.com.  Blueberries are starting to come on!  Take care, your farmer, Jill


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CSA Next Week. See Changes ....... Marion will be WEDNESDAY PICKUPAugust 12th, 2017

As long as there are no traffic or other issues, here is our CSA Plan for next week, the week before the eclipse:  CALL OR TEXT 618-308-0217 for questions or changes!  WATCH FOR EMAIL OR TEX

CSA THURSDAY Aug 10 and 11 Cdale & Friday Marion Pickup REMINDERAugust 9th, 2017

More tasty corn and a new variety of potatoes we love. Hopefully you are getting to see what real flavor there is in organic potatoes newly dug!  Maybe some more carrots and another summer thing

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday July27th and Friday July 28th. July 27th, 2017

Pickup early as its another hot one.  Co-op pickup most likely inside at the co-op. The cherry tomatoes are holding on but our heirlooms have lost steam in the heat!  Zuchhini, cucs, lovely

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