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Posted 4/22/2013 10:01am by Jill Rendleman.

All Seasons CSA Members will see in their box this week.....a variety of new head lettuce, pac choi, probably some spinach, rainbow chard, variety of herbs....mostly greens!   Pac choi is a tender chinese cabbage...use to stir fry or just as you do regular cabbage.  

Hopefully you are working towards eating veggies everytime you prepare a meal...think what can i do with those veggies?  As you add more veggies to your diet most people find they end up spending less on meats.  You can begin to think of meats as...the flavoring!  This weekend, we threw the leavings of our spinach and chard and our herbs that were in the ice box into our Sunday egg and cheese omelet.   Anytime you fix a roast or soup or even a sandwich....throw in the veggies.  They brighten up a sandwich and add depth of flavor and lots of nutrition into soups.  One of my fav things to do is to get a whole organic hen from the Co-op....put it in the crock pot with water and chicken stock in the morning.....then remove the bones and throw in a variety of veggies around 5pm..... right before eating add parsley, dill, maybe a little curry powder.  ymmm.

If you have ideas or suggestions please free to let us know so we can always be improving!  

Also.....while it may seem a bit early.....if you refer to us anyone who signs up for the Fall Winter 2013/14 CSA we will provide one extra box of goodies, or one free winter box for you.  Believe it or not, winter is the best time for growing in Southern Illinois under high tunnels....if you saw us at the winter market this year, you would see great spinach, greens, onions, squash, baby winter carrots, and much more!  If someone signs up, be sure they mention your name!  back to planting lettuce.  jill


Posted 4/15/2013 8:28am by Jill Rendleman.

All Seasons Members......hopefully you are enjoying fresh veggies from last week's drop!  There were a few glitches last week, mostly on my end, but for the most part all seemed to go well.  

If you had any issues with your box or location or anything else.....please let me know so we can adjust accordingly.  If you want to change your drop or add an email, you can do it through our website, or just give me a call or a text message to my phone.  

This weeks drop will include winter greens mix, baby pac choi, red russian kale, dill and cllantro, and baby green onions.  Maybe some spinach if we have good growth in next few days.  If you have a fav recipe, send me an email.  Thanks so much, jill  618 308 0217

Posted 4/7/2013 4:35pm by Jill Rendleman.

A beautiful warm sunny spring day it is......perfect way to start the first week of All Seasons Community Supported Agriculture!

First I want to thank you for your generous support of All Seasons Farm and Certified Organic sustainable small farming in Southern Illinois.  Your box this week will include spinach, celery, chard, cilantro, parsley, and dill.  Ok, thats very green, but more colorful things are on their way.  We have had a very gray cold spring....not so good for early growing.  We promise lots of variety and color throughout the year.  

With your support, we have been able to buy our spring seed and soil amendments early at a discount and we have been able to plan out our plots early and know that there is a great home for our fresh produce.  Your partnership helps our small farm out in the confidence as well as the financial stability it builds.  

For those picking up at the Co-op, great news, you can pickup on Thursday anytime between 2:00pm and 9:00pm. You will simply go to the produce door, the brown double swinging doors to the right of the produce section.  Knock and ask for your box!  If no one is there, go to the information desk and ask for someone in produce and then ask for your box.  They are expecting you!  If you miss your pickup on Thursday, you can also pick up anytime between 9am and 9pm on Friday.

For those with the popular home delivery.....we know where you live and we will drop off at your front porch or door on Thursday between 11am and 4pm.  If you have a cooler on your porch, we will place the produce in the cooler...a good suggestion for warm days!  Some folks put an ice pack or a small bag of ice in the cooler.  If you have a special place you would like us to put your box, send an email or call ahead, leave a note on your door, etc.    

For those with on farm pickup....your produce will be in the white TALL barn at the end of our lane.  This pickup will be on Thursday between noon and 7pm.

Anytime a pickup location or a time doesnt work out for you, just give us a call to make other arrangements. 



Posted 2/3/2013 10:19am by Jill Rendleman.

Last evening my dogs and I walked the woods down to the creek to see the water run and see what varmits we could scare up.  We were out sometime and when we came in it was 6pm and still some light in the west.  And this morning, I just know the light in the east was just a little brighter at 6 am.  The birds are making a happier chatter too.  The Winter is beginning think about leaving us.   


Posted 12/4/2012 6:25am by Jill Rendleman.

The gray skies of winter are upon us, but we find this to be a great time to grow.  To start with, its nice to be out planting in something other than the 95+ degree heat of summer!  Staying active with just a light jacket and a hoe offers a pleasant way to spend a fair morning.  With not so many worries about bugs and weeds, one can see the simplicity of growing without so many distractions.  This makes for a good time for personal growth as well, more time for quiet reflection of the past year.

 Long and Winding Road at Winter Dusk

CSA Pickup Reminder Thursday June 29thth and Friday June 30th. June 28th, 2017

Thursday is CSA member day......look for eggplant, tomatoes, a few peppers, green beans, and other summer fare.  Get out your favorite salsa (go buy a lime) and your favorite eggplant recipe.....

Whats in my box? update on farm productionJune 19th, 2017

Hopefully many of you saw the fresh garlic and basil and have tried your hand at pesto over the weekend.  Mushroom share members got Pippinos! this week.  Gorgeous and delicious and not to b

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