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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does All Seasons CSA Work?

Like other CSAs, All Seasons Organic CSA recieves payment from you for a season - select Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, or both.  With that investment, we provide you with produce for each week during your chosen seasons.

The sign up process goes like this:

1. Select your season.

2. Select your share size.

3. Select your pickup site or pick home delivery.

4. Checkout and pay online or contact farmer jill at 618-308-0217.   The pay online option allows you to use your bank, debit or credit card to make payment.  The credit card option allows you to divide payment for your share over a period of time.  


What's the Right Share Size For Me Or My Household?

We offer two sizes for each season selection: Full Share and Half Share.  Your choice really depends upon your eating habits including how much lettuce and veggies you eat in relationship to meat or processed foods.  Many people join CSA's for the heart, liver, brain, and other health benefits received from eating more fresh foods.  Ounce for ounce, buying and eating more fresh vegetables is much less expensive per week than buying a high amount of meats, snack foods, and processed foods.  Additionally long term better overall health (cleaner arteries, healthier organs) means less opportunity for those hospital bills! 

If you or those in your household are already eating a salad and one to two veggies at meal times, as well as juicing or snacks, or if you are a vegetarian, then you will want to think about a Full Share option.  If you and your household is just beginning to explore fresh veggies and salads and dont include them as a regular choice at meals, or you eat out or are gone a few days per week, then you would want to think about a Half Share option.  Here are some basic ideas about size:

Full Share:  Sized for 2 adults and 1-2 children (include your teenager as an adult!)  Also the best size for 1-2 vegetarians with no children and no teenagers!   A Full Share is loosely packed in a three quarters bushel box and will serve the needs of these sized households very well.  Along with your box you will receive a note from us and receipes for what's included inside.  No one will go hungry for good food.  

Half Share:  Sized for 1-2 adults (or teenagers) with no children.  Also the best size for a single vegetarian or veggie lover.  A Half Share is loosely packed in a half bushel box and will generously feed a single vegtarian or a omnivoricious adult with one or two small children.  The Half Share also includes  reminder notes and recipes.

Generally: Everybody's cooking and eating and shopping habits differ, so again, share size is a personal choice.  We grow many crops in order to have a great diversity and value in each box and over the entire season.  Each share size receives a proportional share of the same produce each week.  If you realize after a few weeks that you need to make changes in your choice, just contact us and we'll be happy to get the share that's just right for you.

Is My All Seasons Share Certified Organic? 

All Seasons CSA is the only local CSA to be USDA Certified Organic through  Midwest Organic Services Association, which means that we pay an independent licensed certifying agency to inspect our farm, review our records and approve our organic methods.  The expense and effort in managing and applying for this certification upholds our mission to be able to assure our customers that we are accountable to the highest organic standards.  

There are several local farms offering CSAs which are not Certified Organic, but which are committed to using natural and sustainable farming practices.  We encourage you to consider this growing group of new farmers who are helping to bring new food choices to Southern Illinois.  All Seasons CSA supports local farmers by purchasing sustainable local produce or baked goods to add interest and diversity to our CSA and to introduce these local producers to our CSA members.  

How Does The Price For A Share at All Seasons Compare To Grocery Store Prices?

Our shareholders will receive more food and better food for their dollar by participating in our CSA program than if buying the same organic produce at retail price in a grocery store.  We estimate an average of about 15% savings.  Additional savings can be made by buying Early and by buying the multi-season option, All Seasons Share.   We comparing price to conventional produce at local grocers, you will find their price for organic produce to be higher in price and much lower in quality.  

Why Do We Offer Home Delivery?

We encourage home delivery mainly because it is the very best way we know to get your produce to you in the best condition possible.  Additionally, you dont have to remember the day and time for pickup, or get into your car to go get it.  People value their time, and we want to eliminate your travel time and increase your cooking and eating time!  Home delivery is also a great option for people who can't get out due to a disability or illness.   Because of the costs of travel, we can only offer Home Delivery for Full Shares.  If in the future one particular area has a high number of Half Shares, we may offer home delivery to that particular area, so tell all your friends! 

When is Home Delivery?

Home delivery is scheduled for Thursdays between 2pm to 8pm.  As the season begins and we schedule a most efficient route, we will get you a better idea of timing.  Most people are not home for delivery and leave a cooler on the porch or a note as to where to put the veggie box.  

Can I Give A CSA Share As A Gift?

Absolutely.  Many people know a family in need or a person who is housebound or has an illness which prevents them from having access to the best freshest foods. These are the people who could really benefit from good wholesome fresh foods weekly.   Parents will also often purchase a CSA for their young adults as they move out on their own to ensure healthful eating habits, paired perfectly with a good, simple book of recipes!   Or, if you know a foodie who seems to have everything, a membership to a CSA could be a thoughtful gift for birthday or Christmas!

Can't I Just Purchase All Seasons Certified Organic Produce At The Farmers Market?

All Seasons Farm participates in the Winter Farmers Market at CCHS in Carbondale, but quantity is limited and this Cetified Organic produce tends to sell out fast! As a CSA member, you get first pick, literally! Our CSA members are our first commitment, before wholesaling to stores or bringing food to market. As a member you are assured the best of our crop! And if there is ever a shortage of produce on our farm, our CSA members get it before anyone else!

 Are There Other Benefits Of Becoming An All Seasons Organic CSA Share Member?

Connecting you and your family to a farm is perhaps the best answer here.  We encourage you to come to the farm often and see how food is grown or to just walk around in the quietness of a farm day.  In the future, we will have farm animals to visit, right now its just the plants, the chickens, and us!   While we would love to stop and talk to every member that visited, we are running a business and have trained ourselves to keep working while talking or dont talk at all!   We will have special activity days for those with particular interests, such as how to freeze, how to cook slow food real fast, how to start a winter garden, etc. as well as events just for members such as a Pumpkin Pick or a Fall Feast of Organic and Local Foods and Wines.  We want you to be a part of our community and us to be a part of yours. New ideas to create a greater community with our members are greatly valued!   

What If I Want to Switch An Item I Dont Want For Something Else?

One of the basic notions behind a CSA is that you share in what is being grown and harvested each week on the farm.  Hopefully during the year there will be a few things you havent tried before (or thought you didnt like) but perhaps you will find a new appreciation for a particular veggie.  We think you will find a balance. That's one of our big jobs: to provide you with a great colorful fresh balance.   That being said, if you have allergies to certain produce, or just really love or dont love something, we will work over the long term to create a box that you love.  If you select on farm pickup, we will usually have a grab box to make a switch! 

Do I Have Responsibilities As A Shareholder Member?

Yes.   Shareholders and All Seasons as grower, both have a commitment.  Here is the Shareholder-Farmer  Commitment:

As an All Seasons Farm Shareholder, I understand that community supported agriculture is a cooperative partnership between growers and eaters.  As a shareholder in this venture, I will share the risks inherent in the planting, growing, harvesting, and distribution of my food.  I understand that some crops may fail while others will do better than expected, a natural pattern in farming that may lead to some variability throughout the growing season.  I will be responsible for picking up my produce weekly at the designated site, or I will leave insturctions as to where to place produce for home delivery.  I agree to complete an annual survey of shareholders so that the shareholder community will have a voice in the types of produce and activities in the share ownership.  As an All Seasons Farm Grower, we understand that eaters want consistency as well as diversity in their produce and we commit to using Certified Organic growing practices, protected coverings, succession plantings, varieties selected for our climate, and other managment practices that provide optiomum considtions for consistency and qualaity of produce.  We also commit to connecting shareholders to their food in more meaningful way including field days describing growing practices, cooking ideas and recipes, farm events for children as well as adults, and connecing our Shareholders to other sustainable farms and new or beginning Certified Organic farmers in our community.  

What If I Dont Like Being A Member?

We want everyone to be happy.  A CSA is not for everyone. If you decide it is not right for you, we will work with you to adjust your membership size, and duration to the best of our ability. We are always availible to answer questions regarding food use and ways to keep extra produce around (in addition to the helpful hints and tips we will already provide with each box!) If, ulitimately, you find you wish to stop receiving your produce share, we will work with you to determine the best, new direction to take.











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