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crispy sweet carrots grown certified organic

Cilantro 1 bunch

Tender and flavorful, cilantro is well known used as a garnish for tomatoes or as THE essential ingredient in salsas.  For great salsa recipes go to www.allseasons-farm.com and click on recipes.

A great value as compared to store cilantro......more fresh, more cilantro!

Collard Greens 1 bunch

Collard greens are a Southern Illinois favorite.  I remember the smell of ham hocks and collards in my granny jean rendleman's wonderful kitchen on Sundays.  Along with mashed potatoes, a side of smooth pinto beans, and a nice fresh chicken.....hmmm.  Ok, enough.  I have since learned that I can get a better flavor out of collards by replacing ham hocks with a little olive oil and salt......and boiling or braising for just a few minutes versus overnight.  This is a diverse nutritious green that has been laid aside for the now rightfully regarded kale, but chefs are coming back to it.....using the tender tasty leaves as wraps, adding depth to soups, or as an interesting "remodeled" side dish.  

Large Bunch ($3.00)
Dill 1 bunch

The smell of fresh dill just plain makes me hungry.  Dill is not just for pickles.......dill is a wonderful addition to fish or chicken dishes.  It is lovely sprinkled lightly on salads.  Fresh from the farm it has a glorious flavor enriched by organic soils and fresh spring water irrigation.  Off the farm it is also a great value as one bunch is about 6 times as much dill in one of those tiny plastic store containers.  

Fresh Brown Eggs full or 1/2 dozen

Our hens are raised outside on pasture. They eat bugs, grass, lots of greens and veggies, and feed that contains no hormones or antibiotics or other artificial ingredients.  Into the chicken coup at dark and out at sun rise.  Deep orange yolks and whites with substance!  Our farm is licensed and inspected by the Department of Agriculture, State of Illinois.  

1/2 Dozen ($3.50)
full dozen ($4.50)

Two to Three med to large heads hardneck.  Great taste and freshly cured.  

Green Head Lettuce 1 head

Mildly sweet yet crisp, this lettuce is a great keeper.  Large leafs for sandwiches or wraps, crisp interior for crunchy salads.  Great all summer long!   

Green Onion/Scallions bunch

Thin white onions with greens and a delicate onion taste.  Great for salads, salsas, or just eating plain.  Chefs like the milder taste, use of the colorful greens, and the ease of cutting .....put them together and chop chop chop, your done.  

Greens Mix

Greens mix is one of the healthiest choices you can make for fall winter healthy eating.  The mix contains baby kale, tatsoi, mizuna, mustard, arugula, beet greens, and other baby greens.  Its best with a sweet light dressing of olive oil, honey, rice vinegar, and a splash of lemon.  

1/2 lb ($6.00)
Kale Green Curly 1 bunch

Curly kale holds its curl to nicely collect dressings as well as its crunch for great greens salads.  

Many folks are going beyond toscano kale and adding a variety of kales to kale salad or cooked kale for a diverse look and taste.  

Lettuce Baby Mixed

Eight varieties of red and green baby lettuces ranging from butterhead to curly endive are included in this pretty mix.  Mild yet crisp combination washed and ready to eat.  

Lettuce Mixed Baby 1/2 lb ($6.00)
Parsley Flat Leaf 1 bunch

Flat leaf parsley when grown organically has a flavor and smell that enhances any soup, salad, pasta or herbal rub for meats.  We often boil up some noodles, add parsley and mozzarella and a little parmesan and whala! you have a nutritional meal in minutes.  

Potatoes Red 1 lb

Red potatoes are best known as "new" potatoes as they are the first to be ready for harvest.  In Southern Illinois we eat them with green beans or fry them up with onions.  These potatoes will store in the fridge best and for several weeks, however, they will not store well all winter as do our white or yellow varieties.  

Potatoes, Blush

Exceptional taste is the main reason to try these potatoes.  All Seasons gets certified organic seed potato stock from Wood Prairie Farm in Main.  Each year we request the maximum number of lbs of blush potatoes........which is a variety that came about naturally by some unexpected cross breeding on their farm......but every year they agree to send us only 25 lbs of this wonderful potato.  There is a reason for this.......these potatoes have a taste that beats all others.  It is well beyond what potatoes should taste like.....it is heaven.   We have them for sale reluctantly because I would like to eat them all.....but we have a business to run.  I consider them as I do certain mushrooms on our farm......a seasonal and an exceptional delight.  

Potatoes, new blush 1 lb

Our blush potatoes are shipped as seed from a certified organic grower in Maine.  The taste and beauty of these new potatoes is unmatched.  Harvested to your order, they will be freshly dug.  Gold and blush red skins, ivory interiors.  Great for roasting, baking, or boiling.  Remember that with fresh potatoes, cooking at a slow boil for an even cook throughout.  When roasting, get a nice crisp on them, then move to side for lower heat final cook through. 

Potatoes, white

Our light skinned light interior potatoes are so very well grown for smashed or mashed potatoes.......or as those that are sliced and fried with onions....and eaten with fish or other meats.  They hold firm under fry and I really like them for smashed potatoes......just boil and add a little cream or coconut milk and garlic for a smooth and subtle but wonderful taste.  I cant eat enough potatoes, they get their nourishment from the deep recesses of our soils......and thus contain a multitude of minerals and vitamins never found in store bought.  Our soils are tested at least once per year and amended with organic ingredients to a point that the maximum nutritional value is obtained......thus the exceptional taste.  Potatoes are hard.....it takes a lot of hand labor to plant , cultivate, and to harvest our potatoes.  We use no mechanical harvesters or planters......it is all by hand.  

Rosemary 1 bunch

We have a 25 ft long row of rosemary in one of our high tunnels and it makes an aroma while working in there divine! Rosemary is great with potatoes or soup, and through a stalk into some ice tea or hot tea and you have yourself a rich libation.  

Scarlet Curly Kale 1 bunch

Scarlet kale is sweet and tender.  It adds an attractive color contrast to green kale salads or braising mix.

Spinach 1/2 lb

Fresh local Certified Organic Spinach is a real treat.  Out of the field it is an emerald green, dense in nutrition, and wonderful as a salad, braised, or in soups.   All Seasons Farm specializes in spinach and other nutritious greens and lettuces.  

1/2 lb ($6.00)
Sweet Potatoes Deep Red 1 lb

Bayou Belles are a deep red sweet potato with exceptional taste.  Generally a bit smaller than traditional deep orange sweet potatoes.  

White Turnips 1 lb

White Japanese turnips have a flavor all their own.  They have a marvelous crunch, very mild, no heat like a radish, and no dirt taste like a regular turnip.  Great just by themselves or include in an arugula or greens salad mix .....shave them in or cut thinly......with a light sweet dressing.  The greens are superior in salads!

1 lb with leaves ($3.00)
Whole Roasting Chicken

These 10 week old roasters are tasty and tender.  No hormones no antibiotics or any kind of chemicals used.  Natural feed and veggies from the garden was their diet.  Great for roasting in a dutch oven or for getting that chicken broth ready for the holidays or winter soups.  Lots of white meat.....for roasting start at 450 for 15 min then go to 350 for about 2 hours.......for broth and soups we cook on a low low boil for about 6 hours then freeze some of the meat for tacos or chicken enchiladas or soup later in the winter.  The broth we dont use for soup we put in five or six containers for soups or casseroles to come!  About 9 lb tender young chicken!

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